Mango Magic: Recipes for pureeing and making chutney out of mangoes

Mangoes have a tropical flavor that you can open with a twist, giving your food dishes extra flavor. Mangoes are valued for their juicy flesh and rich vitamin C content, but they must be gently ground to bring out the natural sweetness and vivid color

First choose a ripe mango with firm skin and pleasant aroma. To make it easier to work with, peel and slice the mango, keeping the flesh away from the pit. Puree the mangoes in a food processor or blender until smooth.

Mango puree can be added to chicken and fish dishes and desserts such as smoothies and mango sorbets. Try it with some lime juice or chile pepper for a burst of spice and flavor.

Finally, mastering mango paste will expand your culinary horizons by adding flavors, nutrients and tropical flavors. Fresh mango puree adds sunshine to your dishes, whether you’re mixing drinks or making savory sauces.

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