How to make artisanal cantaloupe: Yam cantaloupe for sorbets and smoothies

To unlock the refreshing flavors of cantaloupe, they can be mashed and served in delicious smoothies and frozen desserts. Preferred for its rich flesh and high juice content, cantaloupe needs to be ground very finely to create purees that inspire the culinary imagination.

First, choose cooked cantaloupes that are firm to the touch and fragrant. To make it easier to make, remove the seeds and remove the flesh, then cut into small pieces. Puree the cantaloupe in a food processor or blender until smooth.

Dried cantaloupe can be added to fruit salads, drinks and smoothies as a base or as a sorbet. Try mixing it with basil or mint for some flavor combinations.

Finally, mastering cantaloupe grinding expands your culinary horizons with moist, juicy options. Fresh cantaloupe puree adds a summer twist to your meals, whether you’re mixing drinks or making frozen desserts.

Refreshing purees made with fermented cantaloupe add moisture and summer energy to smoothies, sorbets and cocktails.

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