Turmeric win: Health benefits of fresh turmeric

The health benefits of fresh turmeric are powerful, and it also gives your food a vibrant color. Due to its earthy taste and antioxidant properties, turmeric must be ground thoroughly to preserve the active ingredients

First, choose fresh turmeric rhizomes with bright orange flesh and smooth skin. Peel the turmeric and cut it into small pieces to make it easier to make. Grind the turmeric to a fine powder with a mortar and pestle.

Turmeric powder can be added to tea, golden milk, curries, soups and smoothies for its healing properties. Try mixing it with some black pepper for better absorption.

Finally, developing the skills to grind fresh turmeric adds bright color and health benefits to your cooking. Fresh turmeric extract makes recipes healthier, whether you are making savory dishes or medicinal drinks.

Fresh turmeric is ideal for adding a burst of color and earthy flavor to curries, teas, and other dishes after being ground and extracting the healthy properties

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