How can spices be ground without a spice grinder or food processor?

Without a meals processor or spice grinder, there are some different ways to ground spices. Depending on the form of spice and what sort of you need, right here are your options:

1. Mortar and Pestle: This traditional technique is used to grind spices. Although it takes some paintings, it offers you the most control over the feel and size of the grind. To make the spices right into a powder, just placed the entire spices within the mortar and overwhelm them with the pestle.

2. Rolling Pin and Bag: A rolling pin and a robust plastic bag can work as a substitute for a mortar and pestle in an emergency. After including all the spices to the bag and sealing it tightly, weigh down the spices with the rolling pin. Take care now not to rip the bag.

Three. Grater or Microplane: This method is powerful for small amounts of spices, in particular the ones which might be tough like cloves or nutmeg. Just shred the spices the use of the microplane or grater’s difficult surface.

4. Knife and reducing Board: in preference to grinding spices into a small powder, that is a simple way to chop them. The usage of a pointy knife, finely chop the entire spices on a slicing board.

The blessings and disadvantages of each approach are in brief summarized here:

  • Benefits of a mortar and pestle: maximum manage over the size of the grind and launch of crucial oils for stepped forward taste. Cons: Time-eating and exertions-extensive in better volumes.
  • Execs of rolling pin and bag: easily sourced substances that paintings nicely for tiny quantities. Cons: Tighter manipulate over grind size and a higher chance of bag tearing.
  • Grater or Microplane: blessings: wonderful for tough spices, short and easy for tiny quantities. Cons: not too great a powder, restrained to small quantities.
  • Cutlery and reducing block: advantages: easiest approach and without difficulty available gadgets. Cons: no longer the nice for all spices; the coarsest grind of all the possibilities.

Greater recommendation:


  • Toast the spices for a brief whilst. For positive spices, consisting of coriander or cumin, toasting them for a few minutes over low warmth in a dry skillet can improve their flavor before grinding.
  • Handiest grind what’s vital. Grind handiest as lots spice as wanted for your dish, as freshly floor spices offer the finest flavor. Over time, floor spices lose their strength.
  • Spices need to be stored cautiously. Preserve your floor and entire spices in sealed receptacles.

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