Fig enrichment: Use your grinder to make fig paste and powder

Grinding grapes transforms them in a variety of ways into sweet and savory foods. Preferred for their natural sweetness and high nutritional value, grapes must be carefully ground to produce grapefruit sauce, a culinary sauce

First, pick the ripe figs and cut the stems. Slice the raisins into small pieces, then place them in a food processor or coffee grinder. For raisins, pulse until smooth; If not, continue cooking and seasoning until powdery.

Fig powder adds flavor and nutrition to baked goods and desserts, fig flour can be used as a natural sweetener in desserts and spreads Try figs will blend spices and/or fruits Eventually, the acquisition of raisin fermentation skills releases their inherent flavor and nutritional value, opening up a world of culinary choices. Fresh figs show how many recipes, whether you use them for sliced ​​figs or for seasonal meats.

In summary, figs are extremely versatile when flavored into pills and powders. This makes them ideal for desserts, spreads and savory dishes with sweet natural flavours.

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