Beetroot Fun: Yam beetroot for healthy cooking

Beetroot has an earthy flavor and nutritional value that can be enhanced by grinding yam and is a great addition to wellness-promoting recipes. Because beets are intensely colored and resistant to many pathogens, they must be ground very finely to keep the nutrients intact.

Start by choosing fresh beets with deep color and firm, smooth skin. To make it easier to make, wash and peel the beets before cutting into small pieces. Blend or process the beetroot into a fine puree with a food processor or blender.

Beetroot puree adds flavor and color to salads and dips and can be used in baked goods, soups and smoothies. Try mixing it with dill or other citrus fruits and vegetables for interesting snacks.

In summary, learning how to grind beets gives your food more depth and flavor, while still providing essential nutrients. Fresh beet puree gives your dishes a pop of color, whether you’re cooking for flavor or boiling for health.Beetroot Fun: Yam beetroot for healthy cooking.

In summary, the beetroot puree makes for a delicious puree that is perfect for giving Beetroot Fun: Yam beetroot for healthy cooking.

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